Buyer Verification Declaration
About this declaration

This declaration must be completed by any person or registered entity who, is to become the registered proprietor of ACT Land and accompanied with one of the following dutiable documents;

  • Application to register a Crown Lease (ACL)
  • Notice of appointment/retirement of trustee (NT)
  • Transfer by power of sale (TPS)
  • Transfer (T)
  • Transmission application (TA)

All transactions of land are to be lodged in accordance with the Land Titles Act 1925 (the Act). You can access the Act at You may also obtain further information and forms at

Instructions for completion
  • All Information when completing this form must be typed in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • This declaration must be completed by a person or registered entity who, is to become the registered proprietor of ACT Land . In cases where there is more than one person or registered entity, each person or registered entity must complete and submit separate declarations
  • Each person or registered entity must provide all relevant information
  • Each person or registered entity completing this declaration, must state their true and correct legal name in full
  • Company, company trustee and Government entities must provide an ABN, ACN or ARBN
  • After submitting this declaration, an email will be sent to your nominated email address which includes the "Reference code", "Submission date" and "Buyer's name"
  • Each reference code and submission date is to be recorded on the relevant transaction form in the "Reference Code" and "Submission Date" fields
  • When completing the Buyer Verification Declaration the 'Unit Numbers' field must be left blank. Where any person or registered entity is buying multiple properties, the 'Add Property' option must be used to add each property individually.
  • Once submitted, this form is only valid for 12 months.

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Your personal information
Access Canberra collects your personal and sensitive information that is reasonably necessary for or directly related to the functions, activities or services provided to you by on behalf of the ACT Government. Information collected and used for the purpose of buyer verification includes information about your identity and may include sensitive information, is authorised by s178A and 178B of the Land Titles Act 1925. This information may also disclosed to your nominated legal representative where you provide your consent for them to receive this information, or where a permitted exception to disclosure under the Information Privacy Act 2014 applies. The Land Titles Office collects information on behalf of the ACT Revenue Office for tax administration purposes, and also provides information to the Commonwealth commissioner for Taxation for tax administration purposes. If you have questions about how your information will be handled please see the Access Canberra Privacy Policy or contact us.

Solicitor’s email address
Note: this field is not mandatory. If you provide your solicitor’s email address, you are consenting to the information, including your personal and sensitive information being disclosed to them. 

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